BeamNG drive v0 x86 Free Download

BeamNG drive v0




Genre: Simulation Early Access

Developer: BeamNG

Publisher: BeamNG

Publication date: 29 May 2015

about Game

realistic, exciting driving game that offers almost limitless possibilities. Our soft body physics engine real simulatzendenbora each component of the vehicle, leading to a realistic dynamic behavior.

driving real feeling and intuitive, and accidents, which are realistic and brutal; takNavit enough physics accessible keyboard or gamepad habangpagigingthey’re really demanding to be driving a racing wheel osoaerrealismoa.

Environment and craft vehicles passionate attention to detail. The careful design, research and experience over the years, we can not reliably reproduce the feeling and excitement of driving reality.

We are a small group, all over the world gabeargitaratzaile or any of its obligations mezhamyinteres. Our users and modding community is our priority. Help us with the ultimate driving experienceand angisang soft body simulator can be stable in an open vehicle.
BeamNG drive v0


includes all future updates free (alpha, beta), including the final game

Soft-body physics sandbox

7 view, customizable vehicles was destroyed, with more to come

7 Browse and all areas, with more to come pryvidz

Often adding eguneratzeabitartean terrain vehicle, features, bug fixes and gameplay

Full modding and content creation capabilities -maps and vehicles, and gameplay to create scenarios

Use the built-in editor for any 3D modeling, image editing software to edit the text interraineta

Internet Authentication only to be renewed; The game itself does not require internet connection to run.

Exclusive dostuprozdil our forum where you can communicate directly with the developers and txostenaerror, suggest features, etc.

Exclusive Forum section also 3rd parties, in vehicles and includes content.

Besides,you get a small logo at the bottom of your avatar forums BeamNG

System Requirements


OS: Windows 7

Processor: Intel i3 Desktop

Memory: 4GB RAM

Graphics: GTX 550 TI

DirectX: Version

Hard Drive: 4 available Hbslot

It is recommended:

OS: Windows 8 64 Bit

Processor: The leading Intel i5 / i7 or high-end AMD 6 core or better

Memory: 8GB RAM

Graphics: GTX 780

DirectX: Version

Hard disk: 4 GB of free space

Additional notes: Recommended Gamepad


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